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Jill Adams
Jill Adams is a freelance science journalist who lives in Delmar with her husband and three kids. She writes about health and biomedical research primarily but sometimes strays into other areas of science and other aspects of life. She’s a regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times health section, where she writes about the science behind health news. She also writes for several Nature publications, covering trends in research. Her work has also appeared in WebMD, Discover, the Washington Post, Plenty, and Parenting.


Bernie Bourdeau
Bernie Bourdeau is a longtime member of HVWG, serving on its Board of Directors and for several years as Treasurer. He was born and raised in Cohoes where he resided until a recent move to Lakeland, FL. He is the author of a mystery novel set in the Capital District. CAUSED & EFFECT is his debut novel, the first in a planned series featuring a young woman state trooper. For more information on Bernie and his work, visit his website.


Janine De Tillio Cammarata
Janine De Tillio Cammarata holds a B.A. and M.A. in English with a concentration in Medieval Literature. As a child she often wrote poetry and stories. She didn’t seriously start writing novels until she finished graduate school, and her teacher thought she should write novels instead of research papers. Even though Janine enjoyed reading about King Arthur and that time period, her interest in Celtic mythology developed during her last semester in grad school. She was introduced to the fabulous world of Celtic folklore. Janine loved the strong female characters and the connection to nature. Combining her love of fantasy, mythology and martial arts, Janine has written a story of epic magnitude sure to entice young adults and adults to venture into her world.

Warriors Within and Eyes of the Goddess are the first two books in the time travel adventure called the Fianna Cycle. Two women warriors, Michaela Sommers from modern NYC and Maecha Ruadh mac Art of third century Celtic Ireland, connect across time to combine the skills needed to protect their families. Along their quests, they are faced with loss and tragedy. What they do despite their adversity defines them. For more information go to www.highlandpub.com.

Janine is president of Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation, Inc. This foundation was formed in memory of her son, Nick, who passed away from Leukemia in October 2008. Nick’s Foundation financially and emotionally supports local pediatric blood cancer patients, as well as the young adult cancer community. Partial proceeds from all book sales are donated to Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation, Inc. For more information go to www.fighttobehealed.org or visit their page on Facebook.


Elaine Doremus
Elaine Doremus is the author of How to be on Time for Everything, published by The Troy Bookmakers. It came out in October of 2008. She gave a class based on the book at Knowledge Network and was interviewed about the book on a local TV channel by Mimi Moriarty.

She is a life-long Capital District resident and has a four year degree from Marist College. Her affiliations include the Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Gilda’s Club, Literacy Volunteers and the National Resume Writers’ Association.


Eugene Garber
Eugene Garber is a Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus from The University at Albany. He has published five books of fiction: Metaphysical Tales (winner of the AWP prize for short fiction, 1981), The Historian (Winner of the William Goyen Prize, 1992), Beasts in Their Wisdom (2004), Vienna øø (1996) and O Amazonas Escuro (2010). His stories have been anthologized in The Pushcart Prize (1976), Best American Short Stories (1977), The Norton Anthology of Contemporary Fiction (1988), The Paris Review Anthology (1990), Revelation and Other Fiction from the Sewanee Review: a Centennial Anthology (1992).


Mary Kathryn Jablonski
A visual artist and poet, Mary Kathryn Jablonski freelances in design and PR. She is the author of the chapbook To the Husband I Have Not Yet Met (APD Press, 2008), and her poems have appeared in numerous literary journals including the Beloit Poetry Journal, Salmagundi, Home Planet News, and Blueline. She recently completed her first book-length collection of poems and two additional chapbook manuscripts. Her artwork has been widely exhibited throughout the Northeast and is held in private and public collections.


M.E. Kemp
M. E. Kemp is the author of an historical mystery series featuring two nosy Puritans. Her fourth book in the series, Death of a Dancing Master, comes out in November 2010 and as in all her works, is based upon an historical incident. Her current project is the fifth book, Death of a Cape Cod Cavalier. Kemp’s short stories have appeared in many anthologies including Murder New York Style, Deadly Ink and Dying in a Winter Wonderland. She appears regularly as a panelist at mystery conferences: Malice Domestic, Deadly Ink and the Chronicle Book Fair. She lives in Saratoga Springs. (photo by Megan Mumford.)


K.A. Laity
K. A. Laity is the author of Pelzmantel (Immanion Press 2010), Unikirja [DREAMBOOK] (Aino Press 2009), the comic Jane Quiet with artist Elena Steier, and many other stories, essays and plays. A tenured professor of English at the College of Saint Rose, she’s also a weekly columnist for the global women’s lifestyle network, BitchBuzz.com. Visit her website http://www.kalaity.com or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

“I participate in the community of writers by teaching English at the College of Saint Rose, mentoring students, giving workshops, working on events like Albacon, and blogging and networking with other writers in the area.”


Ray Melnik
Just before college, Ray won first place in the National Pen Women Competition for his fictional short story, “Distinction,” as well as winning second place in the New York Best of City – The Written Word. While attending college, his course on existential literature opened a whole new world for him with the study of writers such as Sartre and Camus. He pursued a musical career as a singer and lyricist in the early 1980s and was the lead singer for One Hand Clap and then Fine Malibus, with Steve Stevens, current guitarist and song writer for Billy Idol. In addition to lyrics, Ray, wrote a monthly column about pro audio for a music trade magazine, American Liverpool. Later moving into the field of technology as a network engineer and then architect, he wrote for the technology panel of a regional newspaper, Times Herald Record, and was the primary writer of articles based on home technology for the website New Technology Home.

His first novel, The Room, was published in 2007, his second novel, To Your Own Self Be True, was published in 2009, and Burnished Bridge, published March 2010 is his first novella. All three are set in the lower Hudson Valley and have an existential tone, written on a canvass of fictional science. Information can be found at Emergent Novels.


Susan Morse
Freelance writer Susan Morse has written for many fascinating organizations over the past 16 years, including the Foundation for Hospices in sub-Saharan Africa, the indigenous Reindeer People of Eastern Mongolia and many arts, nonprofit organizations and health centers in the Capital Region and beyond. She most recently helped 15-LOVE on a project devoted to children’s literacy, highlighted by a literary award based in Albany that is given annually to a nationally prominent children’s writer (the Denise McCoy Legacy Award).

In June, Susan completed author Marion Roach Smith’s memoir master class, and is “that close” to finishing her memoir, Storm Window Day. She has been a featured reader for the HVWG Community of Writers series with her popular essay, “Come Fly With Me: The Night Frank Sinatra Came to Town,” and has read serious and humorous essays before Rotary Clubs and at conventions. Her first poem, about the joy of rocking her baby granddaughter on a frosty winter day, was published in the spring of this year. In addition to HVWG, she belongs to the Delmar Writers Group and to a newly formed writers group of previous students of Ms. Smith.

A lifelong lover of books who relished reading to her four children, grandsons, and now to her granddaughter, she personally cherishes three works in particular: “A Christmas Memory” by Truman Capote (“you think you can write and then you read this short story!”); the Blood of the Lamb” by Peter DeVries, and “Cider House Rules” by John Irving.


Eric G. Müller
Eric G. Müller studied literature and history at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. After a few years of working at a variety of jobs, performing music, and traveling around Europe, he continued his studies in England and Germany, where he specialized in drama and music education. Together with his family he moved to Eugene, Oregon, where he taught for eight years. Currently he is living in upstate New York, teaching music, drama, English literature and creative writing. He has written two novels, Rites of Rock (Adonis Press 2005) and Meet Me at the Met (Plain View Press, 2010), as well as a collection of poetry, Coffee on the Piano for You (Adonis Press, 2008). Poetry, articles and short stories have appeared in various journals, anthologies and magazines. His website is www.ericgmuller.com.


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