Sheets at Guild-Sponsored Events

Why do we bother asking people who attend our events to “Sign In?” After all, it’s always somewhat of a hassle, both in the asking and the providing of such information. And especially nowadays, participants wouldn’t be faulted for voicing some privacy concerns: Why do you need to know who I am?

The Guild has two legitimate reasons to ask for such data. The first purpose is related to Membership, to have a self-selected group of people who we can encourage to join the Guild. We do that by sending them a follow-up “Thank You” email note a couple weeks after the event reminding them to check out the Membership Form they received in the Conference Handout and to mail it in if they’re so moved.

The second purpose for Sign-In lists is to be able to add email addresses to the Guild’s Newsletter list. One of the real strengths of our Newsletter distribution is that we make it available to both members and non-members alike. People who have attended and signed-in at one of our events are a pretty special group who perhaps we should keep “within the fold,” even if they aren’t members (yet).

Guidelines for Sign-In sheets include:

  • We’re just interested in a person’s name and email address. Don’t bother collecting addresses or phone numbers. Therefore, simply title Meeting Sign-In sheets with “Name, Email Address.”
  • But then also include a third title: “Email List Opt-Out” for those people who do not wish to receive the Guild’s monthly newsletter.
  • Provide good, clear writing instruments people can use to sign in, such as black or blue ball-point pens (not felt tip pens).
  • For events that require pre-registration the organizers may submit a copy of the list of those registered with the understanding that such a list will be used to recruit new members.
  • Refer also to the information on the page titled “Requesting Approval for Guild-Sponsored events.

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